Update – 26 October 2023

Land North of Bayswater Brook – creating timetable certainty

To create certainty around the timetable for decision making, Dorchester Residential Management and Christ Church have now submitted appeals for the planning applications for Land North of Bayswater Brook.

Since the site was allocated for homes and community facilities in 2020, Dorchester Residential Management and Christ Church have been consulting with a wide range of stakeholders and the community to inform and develop plans for a high-quality neighbourhood and a suite of four planning applications were submitted to local authorities in December 2022.

Half of the proposed 1,450 homes will be Affordable, including a mix of social rent and affordable rent tenures, to meet the urgent need in Oxford and Oxfordshire. The proposals also include 120 assisted living homes (half of which will also be Affordable), a new primary school, 57 hectares of ‘green and blue’ infrastructure, recreational spaces and routes, community and local facilities, and enhanced habitats and wildlife areas which create in excess of 10% net gain in biodiversity.

The partners, Dorchester Residential Management and Christ Church, have signed a number of Planning Performance Agreements with the local authorities to ensure the applications could be determined as soon as practically possible. However, the statutory determination period of 16 weeks has not been achieved and despite best efforts on all sides it is clear that the applications will not be determined for many months to come.

To secure certainty of timetable, Dorchester Residential Management and Christ Church have appealed the applications to the Planning Inspectorate. The Inspectorate will now consider the applications against the policies contained in the South Oxfordshire Local Plan and other planning policy.

Paul Silver for Dorchester Residential Management said:

“We have been developing the planning applications with considerable input from the community and stakeholders for almost three years. Unfortunately, due to lack of resourcing at some of the statutory consultees, there have been numerous ongoing delays and we have had to make the difficult decision to start the appeal process.”

James Lawrie, Treasurer at Christ Church said:

“We have been working with the local planning authorities for over three years and had very much hoped to secure a local permission in a timely manner. While that has not proved possible, we will continue to engage with our stakeholders and discuss any future detailed planning applications with them.”