Planning history


The Bayswater Team has been working hard since 2020 to develop its plans for a high quality, sustainable and exemplar development at Land North of Bayswater Brook.

Land North of Bayswater Brook is allocated for development in the adopted South Oxfordshire Local Plan, which forms the basis for all planning applications in the district. Bayswater will provide 1,450 new homes and 120 assisted living homes in the heart of Oxfordshire to address the unmet housing need.

Since 2020, Christ Church and Dorchester Residential Management have been working closely with a range of technical, political and community stakeholders to carefully discuss our plans and to understand the challenges and opportunities. We have particularly appreciated the time the community and its representatives have put in to meeting us to discuss the project over the course of a process of Enquiry by Design, with two phases of public consultation and a range of community meetings and events.

 Planning applications for Land North of Bayswater Brook have now been submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council and Oxford City Council, with documents available to view through the local authority websites:

  • The application for the majority of the proposals for Bayswater are with South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) to consider under planning reference: P22/S4618/O.
  • The detailed access arrangements for the site, including the new A40 pedestrian/cycle bridge are submitted under a separate planning application to both SODC and Oxford City Council under planning references: P22/S4596/FUL and 22/03049/FUL respectively.
  • There is a further Listed Building consent application for the detailed conversion works for the Wick Farm listed buildings and structures which has also been submitted to SODC, under planning reference: P22/S4550/LB.