Our Vision

Our vision for Bayswater

We want to create a new, sustainable neighbourhood in the heart of Oxfordshire – an important link to the wider county with a countryside park at its core.

With beautiful, environmentally-focused homes available through a variety of tenures, Bayswater will be an ideal place to live for a diverse range of budgets, needs and aspirations. This will be a community with quality of life at its heart and nature on its doorstep.

Bayswater will provide great places for both people and nature. An extensive public park will be at its core, providing footpaths, cycleways and green leisure space for everyone to enjoy. We’ll cultivate the biodiversity of Bayswater Brook, unlocking its natural flow and protecting this important habitat, reinvigorating the brook as a backdrop to the neighbourhood.

Bayswater will create and enhance important connections with central Oxford and the wider county, and will be designed for greener travelCycling and walking will be put first, and regular bus services and new infrastructure that prioritises bus over car will make more sustainable travel the easiest option.

We’ll connect with Barton and Barton Park and improve cycle links into central Oxford. This will include a new foot and cycle bridge over the A40. Bayswater will be seamlessly connected with its closest neighbours and Oxford’s vibrant city centre.

Making Bayswater a great place to live

These are the seven ways that we’ll make sure Bayswater will be a great place to live, and one that works for the existing community and generations to come.

1. Renewable and low carbon technologies

Bayswater will offer attractive sustainable homes built with high levels of insulation and renewable technologies, paving the way for a reduced carbon footprint with no on-site fossil fuels.

2. Protecting ecology and biodiversity

Bayswater will work with its surrounding natural environment, not against it, delivering emerging legislation for ecological enhancement. We’ll be creating a new countryside park and green leisure space to encourage local people to be at one with nature. We’ll also ensure key natural areas are protected as sanctuaries for local wildlife that shouldn’t be disturbed.

3. Creating homes for everyone

Our range of buying and rental options for beautiful homes, community spaces and focus on local people will make Bayswater a place where everyone has the opportunity to prosper and be part of a thriving community.

4. Cultivating a thriving community

Bayswater will provide a vibrant, healthy community where wellbeing and care for the environment are paramount. Thoughtfully-designed community amenities, green leisure space and integration with local support services will put community values at the heart of Bayswater.

5. Designing for greener travel

At Bayswater, connectivity is key. We’ll make greener travel the preferred option, and future-proofed to support emerging sustainable technologies. We will put cycling and walking first, together with provision for regular bus services and bus priority measures. We will encourage greener travel at every step, providing electric bike and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging facilities.

6. A long-term stewardship

Under our stewardship, Bayswater will be a place that works for local people, both now and in future generations. We want the community to be involved in Bayswater’s journey from vision to reality and will be establishing a group of community representatives to help us do just that. Christ Church and Dorchester Residential Management are committed to meeting local needs before, during and beyond construction and occupation of our homes.

7. Embodying excellent design and local heritage

Good isn’t enough. Bayswater will be a great place to live. The rich cultural heritage of Oxford and the beauty of its surrounding countryside will inform Bayswater’s design, making for a place that celebrates the area with homes and a community to be proud of. We will be embracing the existing character of the area, restoring the listed buildings at Wick Farm and ensuring they integrate harmoniously with our new buildings.

Download our full Vision Brochure here:

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